Use PayPal At BetFair Poker


Quickly on their way to become one of the Internet’s top poker rooms, Betfair Poker is one of the largest and fastest growing online rooms today. Although just a few short years ago little was known about this struggling room, through aggressive promotions, awesome bonuses, and huge major event sponsorship, Betfair has quickly made a name for itself in the online poker community.

Today, Betfair Poker holds the position as one of the main sponsors of the World Series of Poker Europe. With awesome, continual promotions surrounding the room and completely stunning graphics and design, Betfair has quickly become a favorite of many online poker players across the world.

Betfair Poker Preview

Betfair Poker Preview

Betfair originally staked its claim with online casino games of which the house had zero advantage – hence the term, “bet fair.” After years as an online casino establishment, Betfair finally jumped into the online poker world, to the delight of many poker players the world over.

What will immediately impress you upon download of the online room is their graphics. Graphically, Betfair Poker is easily one of the most stunning rooms I’ve seen. With superior technology, Betfair now even allows players to play up to fifteen tables at a time.

Betfair also offers awesome bonuses for their players, going as far as offering a massive $1,000 bonus upon sign up and deposit. The room hosts very frequent multi-table tournaments with guaranteed prize pools.

From what I’ve seen, competition at Betfair is rather loose – you won’t find too many sharks hanging around the tables. This can partly be contributed to the room’s huge sports betting scene which, in turn, attracts many fish to the nearby poker games. On the opposite side of that spectrum, however, Betfair does house some of the best high stakes games online. The high stakes tables are the one place at Betfair where you’ll find plenty of competition.

As far as quantity goes, Betfair does lack the typical thousands upon thousands of players that other poker networks have. With that being said, though, finding a game to play is never difficult, and the room definitely services enough players to keep the tables populated.

Also, Betfair Poker doesn’t really have the variety of games that other poker rooms seem to have. Instead, the online room offers three – Hold’ em, Omaha, and …Blackjack.

One place where Betfair excels, however, is its deposit options. Betfair Poker now allows players to make deposits to their accounts via the ever popular Paypal. This is a huge plus as not many poker rooms on the net allow this. Paypal has widely been regarded as one of – if not, the – best online payment processors. Top notch security, at Paypal, goes without saying, giving online poker players peace of mind when depositing any amount of money.

All in all, Befair is a very decent poker room. No, it may not have all of the bells and whistles of a lot of online poker rooms out there, but the incredibly bonuses and customer support certainly keep the room up there with the big boys. If you’re looking for a solid place to play online poker with excellent deposit options like Paypal, Betfair could be the choose for you.